Statement by Councillor Alan Rudge, Chairman of, and on behalf of Birmingham Community Networks and the Faith Round Table

Following the recent disturbances and disorder which have hit our streets over the past few days, we, the members of Birmingham Community Networks and Faith Round Table, urge all of our communities to join together to bring harmony and peace back to our city.

We encourage everyone to recognise their responsibility in helping to ensure that our city is a place where people want to live, work and take their leisure, not only for today but also for our future generations – we want Birmingham to continue to be a place where people want to build their lives

Within and across our communities we will continue to work together to build upon our relationships and partnerships which are built upon trust, mutual respect, recognition and embracing of all our communities in Birmingham .

We will continue to work hard with all communities to help maintain and develop cohesion and integration. We encourage those who have direct responsibility for young people in insisting that all those who are growing up in our city have a framework of values and disciplines with which to build their lives.

It is with great sadness, we send our deepest sympathy to those who are recently bereaved in Winson Green following the loss of life of 3 young men. We admire how the family of those who have lost loved ones have conducted themselves with dignity, restraint and positive messages about how we should work together as they face their loss with courage and resolve.

We are grateful for those who have already begun the work of reconciliation, the practical tasks of clearing up the city and the unseen endeavours of good neighbours.

Let us all recognise and play our part in bringing Birmingham back to being a cohesive and vibrant city where all of our communities live, work, socialise and feel safe alongside each other.

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