A Warm Welcome

Dear Canon Breen,

I was visting Birmingham this weekend, and came to 11 am Mass in the Cathedral this morning.

I’ve just arrived back home in Exeter – and thought I must drop you a line, to let you know what an uplifting experience we had this morning at Mass, and to thank you.

From your kind welcome to visitors, to simply being in the Cathedral itself, seeing its colours, its stained glass, hearing the choir, the organ, the bells – it’s a wonderful and moving experience.

Of course, the music and choir were really first-rate. We had that prayerful Byrd Mass, and the exuberance of Elgar, and some fine hymns. I know to achieve such standards takes a high degree of commitment and I think what you have at St Chads is really a model of what can be achieved. It’s inspiratonal – and thank you so much to Professor Saint and the choir.

All in all, a wonderful prayerful atmosphere, and, I think, fitting praise of God.

So, thank you to you and all your team.

With all good wishes and prayers.

Joseph Acton

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