A New Canon on the Feast of St Chad

On Monday 2 March, the Feast Day of St Chad, Fr Stephen Wright, Vicar General for the Archdiocese, was installed as a canon of the Cathedral in the presence of the relics of St Chad.

Becoming a canon means Fr Stephen is now part of the Chapter of Canons, who form the governing body of the Cathedral, caring for it and for its liturgical life.

They are also the College of Consultors who advise the Archbishop about the life and mission of the Archdiocese

The Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Bernard Longley who, in his homily, said that: “St Chad’s life resembles a pilgrimage of faith, travelling like St Paul out of familiar territory and into the unknown.”

He held up St Chad as an example to all: “This wandering characteristic of St Chad’s life as a monk and then as bishop, and his humble acceptance of God’s will, hold a lesson for us today.

“St Chad heard the promptings of the Holy Spirit, calling him from place to place for the preaching of the Gospel and the growth of the Church.

“We also need to listen to the Holy Spirit to learn where our service and our Christian witness are needed today.

“We need to be flexible like St Chad, to be able to turn to the next task for the sake of the Gospel without becoming too settled or comfortable.”

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