A Prayer for our Times

Written by Mgr Timothy Menezes, Dean of St Chad’s Cathedral, and voiced by young people of the Archdiocese.

The animation is the work of the Kenelm Youth Trust, which oversees and brings together the wide variety of youth work that is undertaken in various settings throughout the Archdiocese. The photo above is of Alton Castle; one of two retreat centres run by the Kenelm Youth Trust.

A Prayer for these Times

Father and Creator of all that is good,

I come before you,
asking for your blessing on all those I love,
on those who need you most during these days,
and for myself.

In the story of my life,
these days were not part of my plan, or anybody else’s.
And that has brought uncertainty and doubt,
a daily question of: what do I do today?

You know me, because you give me life each day.
You know that in your presence, I can be myself,
not afraid to say that I’m struggling, or anxious.

But I ask you to give me the insight to see
that these days have not all been bad.
The world is not a bad place, and I have seen that
through the kindness and care of others.

Be with all those who are caring for the sick and the dying.
Be with those I know and that I cannot be with at the moment.
Bless those I live with. Help us to get on!

You are a God of surprises.
I did not choose these days to be like this.
I might often have wished to miss lessons and exams:
but not like this.

Give me hope,
give me purpose every day.
Give me the words to say
that will make a difference for good
in the lives of those around me.

I thank you for the wonder of my being,
for the wonders of all your creation.
Perhaps it is no coincidence that during these days of struggle,
the days outside have been the most beautiful,
your Creation at its best, to lift my spirits.

In everything I am going through just now,
Jesus is close to me, as he promised he would be.
He lived through despair and great disappointment,
and he promised those who share his life
the joy of knowing his eternal Kingdom in Heaven.

Give peace and rest to the many people who have died of this virus,
or those whose lives are ending naturally, but at this time.

Give me the strength to live through these days,
With the knowledge that any generosity I can show to others,
any gestures of goodness,
any words that will make people grateful,
will be given to me when the moment is right.

Help me to forgive those who upset me.
Help me to ask forgiveness for those I upset.

When I reflect on these times,
give me the grace to be able to say:
the world stood still, but my life did not.


© Copyright St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham 2010 - 2014