Martyrs associated with our Diocese

Feast of the English Martyrs 2020

Litany of the English Martyrs associated the Archdiocese of Birmingham:

English Martyrs whose names are associated with the life of our Diocese

St Ambrose Barlow                             Pray for us
Blessed Thomas Belson
St John Boste
St Alexander Briant
Blessed Edward Burden
St Edmund Campion
St Thomas of Canterbury
Blessed William Davies
Blessed Robert Dibdale
Blessed James Fenn
St John Fisher
Blessed Nicholas Garlick
Blessed Edmund Gennings
Blessed Robert Grissold
St Richard Gwyn
Blessed Thomas Hemerford
Blessed Robert Ludlam
St Cuthbert Mayne
St Thomas More
Blessed John Munden
Blessed George Nichols
Blessed Robert Nutter
Blessed Anthony Page
Blessed Thomas Pilchard
Blessed Humphrey Pritchard
Blessed Stephen Rowsham
Blessed Richard Sergeant
St Ralph Sherwin
Blessed William Spenser
Blessed John Sugar
Blessed Christopher Wharton
Blessed Richard Yaxley

English Martyrs, not already mentioned,
whose names are associated with Schools that serve our Diocese

Blessed William Howard                     Pray for us
Blessed Humphrey Middlemore                    
Blessed George Napier
Blessed Edward Oldcorne
St Nicholas Owen
Blessed Robert Sutton
St John Wall
St Margaret Ward

All Holy Martyrs of this Land              Pray for us

St George, Patron of England             Pray for us
St Alban Proto-Martyr of England      Pray for us

Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs               Pray for us

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