1. Restoration of The Stations of the Cross in St Chad’s Cathedral

The beautiful and striking Stations of the Cross in the Cathedral are thought to be near to original at the Cathedral’s beginning. They have stood the test of time but there are some real signs of the need for restoration. This is brought out excellently in the article about the restoration of just one of the Stations in the Spring of 2021 with a view to completing the restoration of all of the Stations in the months ahead.

Please take the time to look at this article about the restoration that took place in Spring 2021 of:
Station 8, The Women of Jerusalem Weep for Jesus

We have undertaken an analysis of the needs of each Station by the Conservation firm. The process is one of cleaning and mending rather than any painting. Although each of the Stations requires a different amount of restoration, the average cost of restoration is £4,000 per Station.

We are therefore appealing to the generosity of individuals, families and Catholic organisations to consider contributing whatever you can to this wonderful restoration project, being a part of the heritage of the history of our Cathedral but actively encouraging people in praying the Stations of the Cross today.

If you feel able to make a contribution either towards the restoration project as a whole (however modest an amount) or maybe with others to think about a Station that means most to you and for which you might wish to raise money to complete that Station, please contact Fr Tim, the Cathedral Dean ( or speak with him after Mass one day. It might be that your donation is in memory of somebody who has lived their life of faith and who is now with God.

As always, please remember this building of history, of faith and of culture in your will, that the beauty of our Cathedral which prepares us even now for the beauty of heaven may enrich the faith of future generations.

The Stations of the Cross in St Chad’s Cathedral

How you can help

  • Donate and fundraise – contact the Cathedral Dean, Mgr Tim Menezes on for more information
  • Spreading the news of what is happening around
  • Encouraging others to become involved

Contact the Campaign Administrator at Cathedral House.

2. Crypt Re-development

Crypt Re-development

St Chad’s is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Birmingham and the flagship of the Catholic presence at the heart of Birmingham itself. It is a supreme example of the quality of Birmingham’s tradition of fine design and craftsmanship. St Chad’s featured in a Time Team Special ‘Pugin: The God of Gothic’ shown on Channel 4 on 1 March 2007. So we want to ensure that the Cathedral is fitted to make its unique contribution to the 21st century.

We intend to develop the crypt as an Education and Heritage Centre with displays on the history of the Archdiocese and the Cathedral and exhibitions of the Cathedral’s collection of treasures. Provision will also be made for a rolling programme of exhibitions on people and institutions connected with the Archdiocese and the Cathedral. It will be a valuable resource for the many school groups who visit the Cathedral as well as for the people of Birmingham as a whole.

In order to provide the necessary facilities structural work needs to be done in the crypt, including access for the disabled, heating, lighting, atmosphere control and repair of stonework and tiled floors. There will also be refreshment and audio-visual facilities.

The Heritage Centre is being professionally designed by Colin Morris Associates and will be of the highest standard. Colin was responsible for the Holy See’s Pavilion at the Expo 2000 in Hanover. We hope to have everything in place as soon as is practicably possible dependent on funding.

To create the St Chad’s Visitor and Heritage Centre will cost £1 million. The Campaign to raise the funds has the Archbishop of Birmingham as its Patron, and Lady Wedgwood, the world famous Pugin scholar and patron of the Pugin Society, Professor Carl Chinn, Professor of Community History at the University of Birmingham, and Brian Andrews, Pugin scholar and Heritage Officer of the Archdiocese of Hobart, Tasmania, as Presidents.

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